Our Story​

Mister’s Lawn Care & Landscaping, LLC is a locally owned and operated lawn care and landscaping business built on the foundations of professional work, honest quotes and estimates, a desire to please our customers, and overall enjoyment of what we do. Mister’s Landscaping is (and has been) run by a small, tight knit crew of family, and lifelong friends who truly enjoy the work they do first and foremost. The reason we do what we do is our commitment to our customers, a majority of whom have been clients for over three seasons, commitment to the work we provide, every project we’ve completed, we are proud to have provided. Over the time we’ve been in business, we are proud to report that we have a 99% satisfaction rate (as reported thru our reviews on Google). Everything that we here at Mister’s Landscaping know, we are honored to have learned thru first hand experience, apprenticeship, and the desire to make our customers proud, no matter what. If you are not 100% satisfied with the work we do, we will make it right, no questions asked until we earn your complete satisfaction, that is what makes this business worth it! We hope you’ll give us a moment of your time to give you an estimate on anything you need done around your home, with a wide range of services and more and more services being offered yearly, we’re sure that we can leave you satisfied if you’re willing to give us an opportunity to do so. Thank you to our wonderful customers, and to our community.


Mister J. Palmieri